Monday, March 3, 2008

weekly round-up

1. this week's award for ingenuity and innovation in fashion choice-

flannel pajama bottoms + hippie skirt + dress + military issue jacket= eternal warmth.
you just brought the fashion concept of layering to an all-new level.

however, the ice you walk is rather thin: one more layer and you WILL look like a slightly more colorful edition of the michelin man.

2. this week's award for most masochistic choice of apparel-

goes to you, dear sir, with the skinniest jeans ever sown.
my legs, even with all their experience with control-top hosiery and skinny jeans, call out in pain every time i glance at your peg-- i mean, legs. i myself just recently discovered that it can be cool, hot, sexy and comfortable to invest in a pair of pants in your own size.
i have also found that i can wash them more often because i can fit into them afterwards- no fatpantdance.

3. this week's award for bravest choice of legwear-

goes to you girls with the metallic leggings. you have good legs, yes, this is true. but it must have taken all of your morning muster and physical wherewithal to squeeze last-night's-thighs into those tightreflectivefuckers.

for seriously, i'm jealous. i might have chosen a longer tunic, but... you rock those metallic sausag-- i mean, leg casings.

4. this week's award for most dangerously-out-there choice of apparel-

goes to you girls rocking the american apparel shortshortshortshortyshortshorts. with NOTHING underneath. in mid-winter. with flats. and knee-highs.
i mean, to be honest, the exposed portions of YOUR legs were telling MY brain that they were cold. and i saw you from across the room!
that's some intense fashion commitment. i have difficulty wearing shorts in the summer because of the whole awkward-thigh-friction-thing-factor.
maybe you've got the right idea, though, wearing theshortshorts in the wintertime. i feel you. decreased friction-factor.

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